2019 Award Winners

Awards and events

Did you know that there are approximately 10,000 employees; 1,300 physicians; 6,000 students; and 450 researchers across our health network? This collective group is our biggest asset and our greatest strength. And each one of us has an impact on – and is impacted by – teaching and learning. Whether we learn from each other formally or informally, education is at the heart of the work we do every day.

In 2019, each of our three sites recognized the value of education in the development of our people with academic achievement days, among many other education-related celebrations, during our first-ever Education Week. While these events looked a bit different from site-to-site, the goal was the same: to highlight and celebrate the outstanding work of our people who commit themselves to the roles of teachers and learners. Let’s take a look at our award recipients from this year.

Medical Education Achievement Day at St. Michael’s – 2019

Every year, St. Michael’s honours its physician educators at the Education Achievement Day Award ceremony. The annual breakfast ceremony is hosted by the vice-president, Education and pays tribute to the exceptional achievements in medical education by physicians, medical residents and staff.

The award recipients, nominees, faculty, learners and staff are making significant contributions to our education mission to be global leaders in health professional and systems education.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients:

Award(s) Award Winner(s)
Board of Directors
Complete Physician Award Dr. Gordon Arbess
Student Centre & DFCM
Philip Berger Advocacy Award Dr. Lauren Welsh
Family & Community Medicine
Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Dr. Thea Weisdorf
Dr. Irv Gora Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award Dr. Holly Knowles
Collaborator Award For Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education Dr. Sherri Storm
Surgical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. David T.W. Wong
Medical Ophthalmology Teaching Award Dr. Jonathan A. Micieli
Dr. Michael Shea Commitment to Ophthalmology Education Award Dr. Peter K. Girschek
Donald J. Currie Undergraduate Teaching Award Dr. Sunit Das
William Horsey Postgraduate Teaching Award Dr. Bobby Yanagawa
Jameel Ali Continuing Education Award Dr. Ralph George
Squires-Hyland Trust James Waddell Mentoring Award Dr. Mohammed Al-Omran
Leo Mahoney Resident Teaching Award Dr. Katie Armstrong
William Noble Fellowship Teaching Award Dr. Greg Hare
Art Dunn Postgraduate Education Award Dr. John Hanlon
Art Dunn Undergraduate Education Award Dr. David Sussman
Excellence in Neonatal Intensive Care Teaching Dr. Douglas Campbell
Excellence in Ambulatory Pediatric Teaching Dr. Ra Han
Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine Teacher of the Year Dr. Amy Cheng
Dr. Murray Muirhead Postgraduate Awards Dr. Khuloud Aldhaheri
Dr. Robert Vanner
Dr. Danielle Buell
Dr. Sagar Rohailla
Dr. J.J. Connon Award Dr. Nikki Goldberg
Outstanding Postgraduate Teacher Awards Dr. Karen D’Silva
Dr. Yunna Lee
Dr. Iqwal Mangat
Dr. Reena Pattani
Dr. Aaron Thompson
Dr. Eric Tseng
Dr. Natalie Wong
Dr. Gerald Wong Award Dr. Reena Pattani
Dr. Luigi Casella Award Dr. Akshay Bagai
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Tatiana Freire-Lizama
Sustained Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Mark Yudin
Paul McCleary Award Dr. Elaine Shore
Antonio Cecutti Prize Dr. Siddhi Mathur
Medical Imaging
Professor Ronald W. McCallum Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Quality, Innovation and Research in Medical Imaging Dr. Errol Colak
Professor William J. Weiser Award for Excellence in Teaching of Medical Imaging Residents and Fellows Dr. Gevork Mnatzakanian
Laboratory Medicine
Kalman Kovacs Award for Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Hala Faragalla
Bernadette Garvey Award for Postgraduate Teaching Dr. Phil Connelly
Arthur Vandenbroucke Award – Laboratory Technologists & Technicians Dr. Larissa Matukas
Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Medical Education Dr. Karen Shin
Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education Dr. Kien Dang
Award for Excellence in Continuing Medical Education Dr. Wiplove Lamba
Aileen Meagher Resident Award for Best Grand Rounds Presentation Dr. Tracy Alldred
Student Experience Committee
2019 Student Experience Award Katie Gritton
FitzGerald Academy
Clinical Skills Teacher Award Dr. Dipen Thakrar
Dr. Robert Sargeant
Dr. Judith Peranson
Case-based Learning Teacher Award Dr. Gabor Kandel
Clerkship Award Dr. Marcus Burnstein
Resident/Fellow Teacher Award Dr. Robert Vanner
Dr. Jessica Timmings
Dr. Jason Fishman
Dr. Rebecca Cherniak
Master Teacher Award Dr. Harold Spivak
Friends of the Academy Dr. Michelle Dominey

Health Disciplines Recognition Day at St. Michael’s – 2019

The 13th annual Health Disciplines recognition event was held on Friday, June 7, 2019 and a number of awards were handed out to recognize achievements in leadership, clinical excellence, education excellence and interprofessional collaboration among the 29 different health disciplines at St. Michael’s.

  • Leadership Award: Punya Puri & Liza Luu, registered dietitians
  • Clinical Excellence Award: Kerry Doherty, physiotherapist
  • Education Excellence Award: Ayla Kirkham, speech-language pathologist
  • Scholarship Award: Amanda Hignell, social worker
  • Interprofessional Award: Simulation Program team

Academic Achievement Day at St. Joseph’s – 2019

Congratulations to our award winners! As a teaching Health Centre, education is at the heart of everything we do. On June 14, we celebrated and thanked our people at our annual Academic Achievement Day (AAD) event for the contributions you make in advancing our vision of being Canada’s best community teaching Health Centre. See our award winners here.

“Our teachers are some of the best and brightest minds, and they’re dedicated to developing the next generation of clinicians,” said Bev Bulmer, vice-president, Education at Unity Health. “Every educator helps us build a bridge to higher quality patient care and a better experience. Thank you so much for your passion for teaching and learning – it makes a difference to our community.”

  • Interprofessional Teaching Award: Brendan Yeats
  • Interprofessional Mentorship Award: Alex Costantini
  • Excellence in Patient Education Award: Palliative Team on 6M
  • Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award – Undergraduate: Dr. Brian Liu
  • Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award – Medical Learner: Dr. Fouad Youssef
  • Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award – Postgraduate: Dr. Kyle Wanzel
  • Excellence in Medical Education Award – Large Program: Department of Emergency Medicine
  • Excellence in Medical Education Award – Small Program: Division of Neurology
  • Department of Medical Education and Scholarship Ambassador Award: Dr. Hanmu Yan
  • Interprofessional Practice Department Ambassador Award: Eleni Geroulis

Innovation Awards at Providence – 2019

Providence Healthcare’s Innovation Awards recognize staff, physicians and volunteers that have worked to implement a new project or idea that has created measurable benefits for Providence. The winners were announced at the Innovation Awards ceremony on June 13. We also celebrated our staff and physicians who have dedicated themselves to professional development through continued education. They received financial grants that helped them cover the costs of courses, seminars and conferences.

Here were this year’s finalists:

Neuroeducation Labs to Facilitate Supportive Learning Experiences
Melissa Goddard, Jessica Casey, Julia Filinski

Hope Coaching: Empowering the Patient Experience of Stroke Rehab
Laura Derry, Magda Doran, Tracy Stober, Tracey Hamilton, Shawn Brady, Jennifer Joachimides
Valerie McWhinnie, Melissa Goddard

Prevention and Management of Pressure Injuries in the Houses of Providence
Susan Chandler, Asal Fouladgar, Shelley Allen, Caroline Filion, Rita Mah, Viani Tropiano

Aligning Our Stars in the Houses of Providence
Sharon Bissember, Selvaraj Dhanagopal, Maggie Duong, Caroline Filion, Shelley Allen, Nursing, Activation, Spiritual Care, and Physiotherapy

And our winners, by award category:

Originality: Tie – Neuroeducation Labs and Hope Coaching
Clarity: Hope Coaching
Supports Strat Plan: Hope Coaching
Evidence and Metrics: Hope Coaching
Sustainment: Tie – Hope Coaching and Pressure Injuries

People’s Choice Winner: Aligning Our Stars
Innovation Runner-up: Pressure Injuries
Innovation Award Winner: Hope Coaching

We also celebrated our staff and physicians who have dedicated themselves to professional development through continued education. Please help us congratulate this year’s recipients of our financial grants to help them cover the costs of courses, seminars and conferences.

Peer-nominated compassionate educators

To help us celebrate our inaugural Education Week, we invited all staff and physicians across Unity Health to recognize “educators” who demonstrated our value of Compassion in their roles. This educator could be a student, staff, physician, or patient/resident. The value of Compassion is defined as: “We enable health and healing by understanding each person’s needs by providing care with kindness and sensitivity.” Please help us congratulate the following nominees:

Providence Healthcare:

  • Viani Tropiano, practice consultant, nursing
  • Melissa Goddard, collaborative learning specialist
  • Magda Doran, social worker

St. Joseph’s:

  • ICU team
  • Eleni Geroulis, advanced practical clinical educator
  • Lucinda Ling, advanced practical clinical educator
  • Maureen Savoie, advanced practical clinical educator
  • Kimberly Peixoto, RN
  • Susan Dubiel, team leader
  • Olga Kurylo, RN
  • Dr. Artin Termanian, physician
  • Geeta Juta, advanced practical clinical educator
  • Monica Figueiredo, advanced practical clinical educator

St. Michael’s:

  • Katey Knott, interim director, Health Disciplines
  • Dr. Jillian Baker, physician
  • Dr. Natalie Wong, physician
  • Dr. Aisha Lofters, physician
  • Dr. Reena Pattani, physician
  • Emily Kennedy, clinical nurse educator
  • Michelle Williams, clinical nurse educator
  • Nicole Kirwan, clinical leader manager