Unity Health Toronto works to advance the health of everyone in our urban communities and beyond. Our health network serves patients and residents across the full spectrum of care, spanning primary care, secondary community care, tertiary and quaternary care services to post-acute through rehabilitation, palliative care and long-term care. Our academic mission is demonstrated in our world-class research and education programs.

What’s unique at Unity Health is our vision — The best care  experiences. Created together — which crosses all of our clinical and residential settings. We are committed to realizing this vision by creating a health system that is safe, effective, timely, efficient, patient-partnered, equitable and integrated. We recognize that improving care for our patients is only possible with engaged and healthy staff which is why we will also ensure that our staff experience joy in work and meaning in their jobs.

Our Quality Improvement Plan for 2020-21 reflects key priorities aligned with these broader goals. These priorities and associated improvement actions are shaped by experiences and wisdom of patients, residents, families, staff and our community. Our priorities include:

  • Making our workplaces safer for everyone by increasing awareness of violence
  • Decreasing the time patients wait in the emergency department to be admitted to a room
  • Reducing the use of anti-psychotic medications in residents without psychosis
  • Reducing the number of newly acquired pressure injuries in the Houses of Providence

View our Quality Improvement Plan narrative

View a detailed spreadsheet of our targets and change plans